World Interest Rates

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here are the current interest rates of 32 countries national banks.
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countries government's and central banks change the rate of interest in order to achieve a desired Monetary policy.

You can also use our World Interest Rates Map and see a graphical representation of current interest rates around the world.

In the table below are the current interest rates around the world, in order to see interest rates by region use the menu on the left side, you can also sort the table by clicking on the column headers.

World Interest Rates
CountryCurrent RatePrevious RateChangeLast Change
Israel0%0.1%-0.1%Jan 10 2018
Turkey5.75%6.25%-0.5%Aug 05 2011

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Interest Rates

Interest rates are the main determinant of investment on a macroeconomic scale. Broadly speaking, if interest rates increase across the board, then investment decreases, causing a fall in national income.A government institution, usually a central bank, can lend money to financial institutions to influence their interest rates as the main tool of monetary policy. Usually central bank interest rates... read more